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SkySport 6YF

6YF SkySport 6-channel radioStep up to a 6-channel SkySport

The SkySport series (4VF & 6VH) has set the standard in quality, and this new addition is no exception! The 6YF has all the features that pilots are looking for in their first 6-channel system, but without the "fluff" that makes most 6-channels more expensive. With no programming required, it's a natural step up from a 4-channel without the huge time investment learning how to set it up!
  • Battery meter indicates voltage level

  • Ergonomically designed transmitter case for comfort and easy grip

  • Non-slip adjustable input sticks

  • Throttle ATV/end point adjustment; mechanical trim on 4 main channels

recessed panel

Unique recessed panel protects throttle ATV and servo reversing switches while in flight and allows for easy access.
built-in trainer system
Built-in trainer system with center-mounted training cord plug keeps the radio balanced and the cord out of your way (trainer cord sold separately).
narrow band icon 72 MHz FM Icon 4-5 servo icon Futaba 1 Year Warranty