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The Traxxas Villain EX sets the new benchmark in electric deep-V performance. Powered by dual motors and a 14+ volt electronic speed control, it streaks across the water at speeds that are capable of embarrassing even some nitro boats. The Villain EX is engineered to be fast, smooth, stable, and reliable; all the perfect ingredients for fun R/C boating. The Villain EX is fully assembled and Ready-To-Race®, so you're ready for action just minutes out of the box.



The Villain EX uses a water-cooled marine version of our powerful EVX-2 electronic speed control. At low speeds, the fully proportional EVX-2 Marine ESC allows precise dockside maneuvering in forward and reverse. Lay on the throttle and the EVX-2 pushes over 14-volts of power from two battery packs into the twin Titan® 550 Marine fan-cooled motors. The EVX-2 Marine is designed and manufactured by Traxxas to ensure the highest level of quality and support. Now includes Traxxas High-Current Connectors!


The quest for ultimate speed began with the battery connector. As today’s batteries store more and more energy inside their cells, traditional battery connectors became a roadblock, unable to deliver all the energy the battery is capable of outputting. The Traxxas High-Current Connector opens the door for unrestricted current flow.




The Villain EX is equipped with a new propeller design. These new surface-piercing propellers are engineered to operate with speed and efficiency using full-size boat technology. The propellers are counter-rotating to prevent torque roll and eliminate the need for drag-inducing trim tabs. The dual, steerable outdrives direct the propeller's thrust for ultra-precise steering response. The trim angle of the outdrives can be adjusted to change how high the bow rides in the water.



Some boat designs, such as hydros, require that the water be glass-smooth to run or a small wave will catch the sponson and flip the boat. In the real world, the wind blows and water gets choppy. The Villain EX can run in rough water that leaves hydros and other designs back at the dock. The Villain EX utilizes a proven 31-inch deep-V hull design that slices through rough, choppy water with ease. The proper weight balance and low center of gravity help keep it upright providing unsurpassed stability. Molded strakes in the hull, along with the counter-rotating propellers, allow higher turning speeds.




Usually, one of the biggest challenges for electric boat enthusiasts is keeping the electronics dry. Not so with the Villain EX. It's quipped with a sealed radio box to prevent water from damaging the sensitive electronics. Everything is encased, even the steering servo. The plastic cover uses a Twist Lock® fastener for easy access and positive sealing against the rubber gasket. There are no flimsy, taped-down hatches to bother with. You can count on the performance from the tough, molded ABS hull and durable, proven drivetrain. The BEC circuit in the electronic speed control maintains steering control, even when the batteries are nearly discharged. Built-in foam flotation provides extra security by keeping the Villain EX afloat if it should ever accidentally flip over.


MODEL 1502 : Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, with
TQ™ Transmitter and EVX-2 Marine Electronic Speed Control.

Villain EX

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